B-Flow & Nez Long go off on Twitter!


Award winning music act and activist “B-Flow” yesterday engaged in a Twitter Confrontation with rapper Nez Long. The incidence happened when the KMP signed artiste decided to call out the social change activist and cautioned him to respect his fellow artistes.

In his Tweet, Nez Long pointed out that B-Flow shouldn’t forget to respect his fellow artistes even as he ‘Stands with the People‘. This appears to be a reaction to B-Flow‘s series of activism posts on social media after Nez Long and his label-mates decided to drop campaign songs for PF, a move which results in backlash from their fans.

B-Flow couldn’t hesitate to hit back at the “Van Damme” hitmaker and advised him to stop fighting wrong battles. He further wondered if Nez Long has worked for Honey Bee or chewed the money which was supposed to paid to the Doctors on Go slow for him to go after him.